The College study programme “Accounting and Finance” provides an opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and transform them into competences, for the performance of the basic tasks and work duties of the accountant’s professional activity.
The Study programme provides the appropriate knowledge, skills and competences for the accountant’s profession, Code 3313 01 in the Latvian Classification of Occupations, for stable professional activity and growth in the Latvian labor market.
The goals, objectives and expected study results of the Study programme correspond to the knowledge, skills and competences of the fifth level of the European Qualifications Framework specified in the Latvian Education Classification.
The content and structure of the Study programme, admission requirements and requirements for obtaining credit points, correspond to the State standard of the first level professional higher education and allow further studies in professional bachelor’s study programmes.
According to the state standard of the first level professional higher education, the volume of the study program is 80 credit points (CP) or 120 ECTS.
Successful acquisition of the Study programme gives the right to work as a professional accountant, implementing accounting procedures of an undertaking and providing accountant’s services to clients in accordance with the requirements of the LR Law “On Accounting”.
The acquired education and professional qualification provide an opportunity to build a successful career in the chosen professional field. Graduates are ready to continue their studies in the 2nd level higher education programmes.

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